Design, production and installation of painting equipment

Prohema SRB is the general representative and distributor of Imel spa for the markets of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

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Areas that Imel supplies painting systems with
Automotive industry

The most demanding sector in terms of quality control and production performance. For years, Imel has provided the factories of the best European manufacturers with painting product lines, both for bodywork and plastic components, as well as for light groups.


The range of systems varies from steel to aluminum equipment: domestic radiators, heat exchangers, finned transformers, cylinders, pumps, medical equipment, etc.

Agricultural and construction machinery

The flexibility of Imel's offer meets the widest range of requirements. For example, Imel provided the coating system for the world's largest mining truck.

Household appliances

Imel became an active supplier of coating systems in this sector in the 1960s. Even today, the largest manufacturers of home appliances rely on Imel, which demonstrates an excellent level of reliability of its equipment and services.


Types of painting systems depending on the type of process



Design and construction of immersion and spray pre-treatment plants for all types of metals and plastics.

Imel has extensive experience in pre-treatment plants and boasts a list of references with customers who demand the highest quality standards.

Imel designs and provides dedicated equipment solutions based on the cycle proposed by the client, provides reduced emissions of harmful gases, energy savings and zero discharge for the sake of environmental protection and always pays special attention to the safety of personnel in factories.



Since 1964, Imel has been designing and manufacturing systems for the treatment and coating of surfaces, boasting a long list of references in this sector, for the coating of the most diverse types of products: washing machines and dishwashers, metal profiles for exteriors, motorcycle frames, agricultural machinery, truck cabs, automotive components, finned batteries and domestic radiators, medical equipment and many others.

Imel has an in-depth understanding of this method of coating and has always been committed to researching and developing new solutions that can guarantee the maximum quality of the finished product.


Powder and Liquid Coating

Realization of plants that ensure the highest quality of the finished product with very high efficiency of over-spray abatement both dry and water, also with air recirculation in the cabin to ensure low energy consumption.

The ovens realized by Imel ensure temperature constancy and very low consumption.


Plastic coating

Imel’s plants allow to treat a wide range of plastic products typical of the car and motorcycle sector, such as: bumpers, mirrors, spoilers, masks and more in PP, PP/EPDM, ABS, PC, PA, PUR and PPO.


Special systems

Thanks to research and experimentation, Imel has developed original designs for plants operating in a wide range of sectors: Plants for the application of vitreous enamel; Machines for the coating of small parts metal drums; Automatic machines for the application of enamel on pots and pans; Drying plants; Pyrolytic stripping furnaces; Fluid bed plasticization plants; Automatic coating lines for sheet metal and profiles.




Imel has developed traditional metal finishing lines (zinc, nickel, chromium, etc.) both for chemical and electrolytic deposition, both on frame bars and rotobarrels. It has also developed PCBs plants, dedicated to the professional and high tech printed circuit board industry.